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Xenoxxx Funtime Show - the game.

This is a silly little game that I made for Mr. Biffo's Found Footage.

If you haven't seen the series: it's a dark, surreal, experimental comedy. If you have, this game will still confuse, but you might enjoy reading about the inspiration.

It's for the 48k ZX Spectrum, because even rapacious inter-dimensional corporations know that proper keyboards and hardware sprites are a luxury. It will work on an emulator, like Fuse, or real hardware. If you own some, then you might understand the technology.

The secret codes, 121 then 214, were uncovered by Brannigan's Vortex and Friends.

The software is yours to take apart and re-use. However, please note that Xenoxxx and all associated bio-engineered abominations remain copyright Paul Rose.

There's also a cassette inlay file which is ready to print, but you'll have to cut your own spindle holes.

Onwards, to the inspiration.

Email: comments at arbitraryfiles.com.

Cassette inlay added 06-04-2018.