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The Kickstarter for Digitiser: The Show is now live. It is the brainchild of Mr. Biffo: daddy of irreverent games writing, and father of Found Footage.

However, it's not all about him. Think of him more as a kindly but disreputable curator, bringing together hip Youtube kids and crumbly gaming icons. It will be less challenging than Found Footage, but no less ambitious. He really knows his games too, even though he keeps spelling it "Will" Overton.

So, you have until the 8th of April to show your support, and bag some sweet rewards. Digital gubbins, exclusive artwork, tickets to a live episode, that sort of thing. Or just spread the word - it all helps. Ta.

We now return to:

Games, one for the ZX Spectrum.

Words, about some PS2 games.

Other, for making pixelated videos.

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Last updated 09-03-2018.